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Event ID: 4362 Source: EventSystem

The COM+ Event System detected a corrupt IEventSubscription object. The COM+ Event System has removed object ID {<GUID string>}-{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}-{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}. The subscriber will no longer be notified when the event occurs.
From a newsgroup post: "My problem consisted in the fact that I could not logoff, reboot, or shutdown normally. I have found that if I hold down the Ctrl key when clicking "logoff" on the Windows logoff confirmation dialog box, I can logoff (the logoff is forced apparently). It is also true for shutdown/reboot, just as long as the Ctrl key is held down. All of this started when I installed the ATI Catalyst 3.5 drivers. I have since moved to the Catalyst 3.6 drivers, but the RDP issue is still there with these new drivers. It looks like the problem is specifically related to the ATI Control Panel applet that is used in both the CAT 3.5's and 3.6's. To test this, I uninstalled the ATI driver bundle (CAT3.6) and then installed the WDM driver and Display driver only (my card is AIW 8500DV) and not the Control Panel. No problems with Remote Desktop logoff/reboot/shutdown at this point. I then installed the ATI Control Panel, and the logoff/reboot/shutdown issues re-emerged".
Reported GUIDs:
- A5978620-5B3F-F1D1-8ED2-00FA0035B753 - Appears to be related to MSN Messenger
- E73BA9C4-9CDD-4F10-88C3-D82E747C5DF5 - Related to Internet Anywhere Email Server.
- B10A446F-E338-442D-A898-55F69BDED8D3 - no info

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