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Event ID: 4394 Source: MSDTC

MS DTC's log information has not been configured correctly in the shared cluster registry. Error Specifics: d:\srvrtm\com\complus\dtc\shared\mtxclu\mtxclusetuphelper.cpp:557, Pid: <PID>, CmdLine: <command>.
I received this error while trying to move the MS DTC resource into another cluster group other than the default cluster group. I corrected the problem by creating a disk resource, Network Name resource, and MSdtc IP address resource in the same cluster group. I then removed the Quorum disk Resource and the Cluster Network Name resource as dependencies on the MSdtc resource and then "added" as dependencies the newly created Network Name and new disk drive resource created earlier. Once this was done I moved the MSdtc resource into it's own Cluster group, which also moved the dependencies and then I was able to bring all resources online successfully.
This problem occurs because MSDTC does not correctly identify the local quorum resource in the stand-alone cluster. See ME899426 for more information on this event.

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