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Event ID: 447 Source: ESE

<process name> (<process id>) <storage group name> A bad page link (error <error code>) has been detected in a B-Tree (ObjectId: <id>, PgnoRoot: <number>) of database <name> (<number> => <number>, <number>).
Error codes:
- 327 = JET_errBadPageLink - A table level corruption error. This error occurs when there is logical corruption in the database. Logical corruption can be caused by a bug in Exchange or by a hard disk crash. A crash can cause the error if write ordering of pages from cache was not preserved, and therefore only some pages from a transaction were updated while other pages were left as older versions. See ME810190
- 338 = JET_errBadParentPageLink - A table level corruption error. See ME810190
As per Microsoft: "A corrupted page link was detected in a B-Tree. Available space in the Exchange store database is in the form of a list of pages that can be used to store new data. The available space is called a space tree. The space tree is held as a binary tree that is searched whenever a block of new data needs to be added to the database. During an online defragmentation, a problem was discovered in this tree. This is often caused by a hardware failure or antivirus scanning of the database file directory". See MSEX2K3DB, ME810190, and ME810333 for information on how to troubleshoot this problem.

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