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Event ID: 4521 Source: DNS

The DNS server encountered error <error code> attempting to load zone <zone name> from Active Directory. The DNS server will attempt to load this zone again on the next timeout cycle.
As per T735851, this may be recorded if the DNS Server service encountered a delay while loading a zone from Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS). No further action is required if the DNS server started successfully or the zone loaded successfully. Otherwise, diagnose and correct AD DS problems that are causing an excessively high volume of operations. See the link for more troubleshooting information.

Error code 9002 indicates a DNS failure.

Various resources:
- ME294328 provides information on how to reinstall a dynamic DNS Active Directory-integrated zone
- ME298148, ME323380 - How to Remove the Root DNS Zone ( the . zone)
- Error: 32 - The solution in my case was to configure the "DHCP Client" service to "Automatic".
A more accurate command than the one stated by Jim Raf is:
"dnscmd /config <zonename> /bootmethod [0|1|2|3]" , where 3 is default, i.e. boot from AD and registry.
If the zone is "." and you do not have this zone, then try to create AD integrated "." zone, convert it to non-AD integrated, and then delete zone ".".
I had these errors on some Windows 2003 DCs after applying SP2. These DCs were some years ago Windows 2000 DCs.
In my case, running "dnscmd /config /bootmethod" solved this problem.

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