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Event ID: 4625 Source: EventSystem

The EventSystem sub system is suppressing duplicate event log entries for a duration of 86400 seconds. The suppression timeout can be controlled by a REG_DWORD value named SuppressDuplicateDuration under the following registry key: HKLM\Software\Microsoft\EventSystem\EventLog.
This message in itself is not directly related to a problem but it simply states that an application is attempting to record several identical events. In order to prevent a possible performance degradation because of this, the system is supressing the logging of these events for the time interval specified (usually 86400 seconds or 24 hours). The other events recorded before this one should provide some clues about the actual problem.

* * *

From a newsgroup post it results that one user got rid of this problem after updating the firmware for the network adapter installed in the computer.
This is only an informational message, saying that duplicate log entries will not be showed for the specified time.

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