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Event ID: 50 Source: Microsoft-Windows-Time-Service

The time service detected a time difference of greater than 128 milliseconds for 90 seconds. The time difference might be caused by synchronization with low-accuracy time sources or by suboptimal network conditions. The time service is no longer synchronized and cannot provide the time to other clients or update the system clock. When a valid time stamp is received from a time service provider the time service will correct itself.
EV100560 (Time configuration in a Windows Domain) and EV100561 (Configuring the Windows Time Service in an Active Directory Forest) provide an introduction on how to configure and manage time sources in a domain.
From a support forum:
Make sure that no firewall blocks port 123 udp so it can connect to an available DC for time sync. Please run the following command on the server to resync:

w32tm /config /syncfromflags:domhier /update

After that you have to run:

net stop w32time
net start w32time
From a support forum:
Usually the domain controller that holds the PDC emulator role holds also the time setting for the whole domain. If you want to make some adjustments check ME816042.

Try configuring a different time source. For a list of time servers available on the internet go to ME262680.
According to T756549, this indicates that the Windows Time service received inconsistent time data, which resulted in a large time change. This event can indicate an unreliable time source, network connectivity issues, latency with the time source clock, or a hardware malfunction. Verify the time sources, see the article for details.

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