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Event ID: 5000 Source: CA_LIC

'Computer Associates Licensing -3IMV - License Failure. Terminating... Please run the appropriate license program to properly license your product.  LRF=3IMV, 4d188969b8c9, PC_686_6_699, SV197, 0'
By installing ArcServe Backup r11.5, it is possible to install some Agents to test them for 30 days. When the trial period expires, these CA_LIC warnings will appear for every Agent or Product-Option that is not licensed.
In my case, it was the SQL Server Agent. I uninstalled the SQL Agent, and wrote a batch file to shut down the SQL services before starting the Backup Job, and one batch file to start the services after completing the Job. The batch files are very simple, only using "net stop" and "net start" commands. You can run the batch files over the Job options.
Run C:\CA_LIC\regit.exe and add the license. This message will continually fill up your event logs until you add the license.
ARCserve products licensing error, 3IMV is "InoculateIT Workgroup Edition Server". Ensure that the products you have registered is what you have installed.
I was experiencing this on a Windows 2000 box Inoculatit 4.53. I uninstalled inoculan or inoculatit which ever you are using and I also uninstalled the TNG components. Reinstalled Inoculan with out the TNG options. Installed the updated realtime monitor driver from and also installed sp1a for Inoculan. That seemed to fix the issue.
You can find some details about this issue on website if you type 3IMV in Quick Search Field. Result: "If you have not properly licensed your product, you may receive licensing related messages. In these messages, the product in question, that generates the licensing message is identified
by its 4 character alphanumeric product. Program Name: InoculateIT Workgroup Edition Server."
After registration of ARCServ(Computer Associates product) software this issue is resolved.

This can be caused by the ARCServe Backup software. See the link to "APAR #: LO86966".
In some conditions, the error message is caused by a beta code that was included on some CD's that were shipped. To eliminate the error message stop ARCserve discovery service, copy the June 13th Cheyprod.dll from the C:\CA_lic directory to the WinNT Program Files\computerAssociates\ARCserveITDS directory. Then re-start ARCserve Discovery Service.

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