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Event ID: 5000 Source: MSExchangeIS

Unable to initialize the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service. Error <error>.
In my case (error 0xfaf), I deleted the subnet in AD that had the mail server. Therefore, the Exchange was unable to locate the DC/GC in its site. After recreating the subnet, all the services started like a charm.
- Error: 0x96e - See ME940845.
- Error: 0x8004010f - See ME185573 and ME318098.
- Error: 1105 - See ME154032.
- Error: 0xc800071 - See ME175116.
- Error: 0x3ee - See ME324718.
- Error: 4015 - See ME154595.
- Error: 0xfaf - See ME248124, ME303186 and ME823163.
- Error: 0xfb5 - See ME288952.
- Error: 0xfffffbfa - See ME224977.
- Error: 0xfffffbf8 - See ME224977.
- Error: 0x80004005 - See ME294881, ME275538 and ME923171.
- Error: 0xc8000228 - See ME240153.
- Error: 0xc8000235 - See ME322314.
- Error: 0xc8000406 - See ME224977.
- Error: "Current log file missing" - See ME238063.
- Error: "Non-database file or corrupted database" - See ME185008 and ME242063.
- Error: 0xfac - Although the article does not describe the same issue, ME248124 helped me to solve the problem.
- Error: 0x3f5 - See ME281850.
- Error: 4021 - See ME153326 and ME184205.
- Error: 2 - See ME175469.
- Error: 0xc004038a - See ME328645 and ME830828.
- Error: 0x80070057 - See ME283098.
- Error: 0xfffffad0 - See ME295649.
- Error: 0x80004005 - See ME327480, ME322315, ME328662, ME822579, and ME896703.
- Error: 0xc8000228 - See ME231299.
- Error: 0x80040154 - See ME326305.
- Error: 0x8004010f - See ME329599 and ME305392.
- Error: 0xfffffbf8 - See ME190813 and ME245058.
- Error: 0x80040605 - See ME285116.
- Error: 0xfffffa7a - See ME224977 and the link to "Veritas Support Document ID: 191612".
- Error: 0xc0040388 - See ME298429.
- Error: 0xfffffdfd - See ME275602.
- Error: 0xc800022d - See ME328640.
- Error: "Non-database file or corrupted database" - See ME260230, ME248406 and ME185008.
- Error: "Database is in inconsistent state" - See ME185577.

ME836027 and ME873452 provide hotfixes for Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 on this problem.

As per Microsoft: "Microsoft Exchange Server service was unable to initialize. Often, this is because the Exchange server account might not have the correct permissions". See MSEX2K3DB for additional information.
- Error code: 0xc0040391 - See the link to " - Thread ID 524649" for information on this problem.

- Error 0xfffff8ed - Chances are your antivirus program is not configured properly and has quarantined a log file. Stop it from scannig your log directory, then restore it from the quarantine direcotry and restart the services. Ours worked immediately after that. See also ME819553.
See ME272570 to fond out how to recover from Information Store corruption.
The problem occurs when the Information Store stops abnormally and the Eseutil.exe hard repair option (/P) is run against the Priv.edb file to return it to a state in which it can be started. In addition, the previous transaction log files were deleted, as recommended in the Eseutil dialog box, but hard repair was not run against the Pub.edb file.
You Cannot Install a Second Exchange 2000 Server in an Exchange 2000 Server Site and Event ID 9525, 1121 and 5000 Error Messages Are Logged.
ME305392 says "This issue may occur if authenticated users do not have read access in the Domain container or in the Configuration container in Active Directory" and provides a fix.

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