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Event ID: 5000 Source: OfficeSharePointServerErrorReporting

EventType ulsexception12 P1 w3wp.exe P2 6.0.3790.1830 P3 42435be1 P4 P5 12.0.4518.0 P6 45439dcc P7 2833 P8 183 P9 deletedconcurrencyexception P10 837s.
P1 owstimer.exe - From a support forum: "Did you move any databases from one web application to another web application? I doubt that there is synchronization problem. You can use the steps below for troubleshooting:

1. Open command prompt and navigate to directory:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\BIN

2. Run the following sync command to get a list of content database not synched:
Stsadm –o sync –listolddatases 0

For more information about the sync operation, please refer to T263196.

Then you will get the ID which failed during synchronization and need to delete those orphaned DB records from SSP DB.

Open “Central Administration” and click on “Application Management” à “Content database” and then remove the content database listed in the command prompt from the web application temporarily. Then run following sync command to delete those orphaned DB records from SSP DB:

Stsadm –o sync –deleteoolddatabases 0

Finally check that if these errors still appear in the event log after adopting the steps above."
P1 w3wp.exe - From a support forum:
I my case, this showed up after an upgrade:
1. Upgraded Small Farm WSS and SPS 2007 to SP2.
2. Unhandled exceptions and access denieds int the uls logs no specifics to run down.
3. Crawl issues and had to reset the crawl index.

1. ASPNet user account had certain rights stripped by gpo, check your permission according to EV100337 (IIS and Built-in Accounts - IIS 6.0) or I found a much easier product to use the tool available at EV100338 (Authentication and Access Control Diagnostics 1.0).
2. Ran the "stsadm -o sync -listolddatabases 0" to check for unsyn'd databases then ran the "stsadm -o sync deleteolddatabases 0" to clear those databases.
See ME895574 for information on this event.

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