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Event ID: 5007 Source: TrueVectorService

TrueVector engine: File "<file name 1>" was corrupt and has been copied to "<file name 2>". File "<file name 3>" was corrupt and has been deleted.


TrueVector engine: File "<file name>" was corrupt, restoring from backup "<file name>".
See the link to "How to uninstall ZoneAlarm" and "ZoneAlarm complete uninstall" if you are having problems uninstalling ZoneAlarm.
One of our customers was getting a ton of these errors. The customer did not have ZoneAlarm installed but rather CA EzFirewall. We removed the CA product and this error has not reappeared.
I installed an updated version of ZoneAlarm Pro and each time I rebooted, all the settings were lost and had to be set again. This would happen after a clean install also. This was happening on a Win2k machine on which I made a tweak for a faster shutdown, modifying the "WaitToKillAppTimeout" key in the registry. After resetting this key to the original value (20000), ZoneAlarm worked fine.
In my case this was due to a wrong configuration of Zone Alarm pro (previous network problems). Removing it and reinstalling solved the problem.

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