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Event ID: 5064 Source: ApplicationCenter

__CLASS: MicrosoftAC_Replication_Session_DriverEvents_ActionListTransfer_SendFileFailed_Event
ServerGUID: {ED16BFC3-F2DC-4930-9188-AA99725331AD}
DriverID: FS
EventId: 5064
GUID: {C39941FA-15F7-4904-A1D4-9420E34AA5C4}
Path: D:\BEXcom\www\abex\CrystalReportCache\580326297.xls
RemoteServer: SGMAIISWEB2
ReplicationID: SGMAIISCluster
ReplicationJobID: SGMAIISWEB1X1046738569X325959X12a7440
Status: <error code>
StatusMessage: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.
TimeGenerated: 3/10/2003 9:46:55 AM
Type: 1
DisplayName: Replication Session DriverEvents ActionListTransfer SendFileFailed
- Error code: 0x80070570 - This problem may occur if the hard disk is damaged. See ME955182 for details.
- Error code: 0x8007274c (Error code 0x8007274C) - As per Microsoft: "The Application Center 2000 replication service uses the Windows Sockets TransmitFile function for high-performance file data transfers over sockets. However, in extremely high latency networks, the TransmitFile function may fail with the 0x8007274c (WSAETIMEDOUT) error because of TCP/IP connection timeouts. The replication service does not treat WSAETIMEDOUT as a recoverable error and fails replication if this error condition occurs". See ME304593 to solve this problem.

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