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Event ID: 51 Source: Cdrom

An error was detected on device <device> during a paging operation.
Put your DVD burner on its own power supply cable (inside the computer case). It solved my problem with event id 51. Somehow my HDD took the power away needed for burning DVDs which resulted in event ID 51.
This event can occur if you have an offboard Ultra ATA controller and a CD-ROM drive attached, and autorun is enabled. When the CD is inserted, it may take some time before the CD spins up. I've noticed this issue mostly with Promise Ultra ATA controllers.
I discovered this error in the events viewer when I was investigating my inability to save a word document. After much fussing, I discovered an empty CD-R in the CD-ROM drive was causing the problem. The computer kept trying to save my document to the CD-R (in the CD-ROM drive) rather than the hard drive. Once I removed the CD-R, everything went back to normal.
As per Microsoft: "An input/output (I/O) request to a memory-mapped file failed and the operation was retried". See MSW2KDB for more details.
This message usually indicates a bad CD (typically a custom written one or an original one with scratches or dirty).

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