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Event ID: 5305 Source: Perfctrs

CollectDhcpPerformance routine failed because Shared memory segment wasn't created
I rang Microsoft on this one and they pointed me in the direction of some winmgmt switches and a registry setting. I have found that this has worked so far on both Win2K SP2 and SP3 machines.
- Go to a command prompt and type in winmgmt /clearadap and click enter.
- Open the task manager and find out the PID of the winmgmt.exe process.
- Go back to the command prompt and type in winmgmt /resyncperf "pid of winmgmt process" e.g. winmgmt /resyncperf 1765.
- Open regedit and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Wbem\CIMOM.
- Set the value of ADAPPerflbTimeout to 180 (in decimal).
This error occurs whenever a DHCP server is running without any scope defined.

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