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Event ID: 54 Source: AMBRIMCL

An Io Request to the device \Device\AMBRIMWDM did not complete or canceled within the specific timeout. This can occur if the device driver does not set a cancel routine for a given IO request packet.
This is a message from the Windows IO subsystem and not from the device itself. As the message description says, the device performed an I/O operation (for example sending data to the screen or reading from a hard disk) but that operation timed out or it was cancelled. The device driver did not include the programming to deal with such situation so rather then letting this happening without any notification, the Windows I/O subsystem records this message as coming from the device itself.
Some event messages are recorded as "The description for Event ID ( 54 ) in Source ..." just because they did not include the IoLogMsg.dll event log message file in their list. Any device performing I/O operations should include this. Not having it configured just indicates that the programmers were not aware of it.

The nature of the problem points to a bug in the device driver. Try to obtain the latest drivers for this (or the latest service pack). A defective hardware may lead to such condition as well.

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