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Event ID: 542 Source: Oakley

The IP Security policy for ISAKMP/Oakley specified an encryption algorithm that is invalid due to export cryptography restrictions.  All 3DES encryption used by ISAKMP/Oakley is weakened to standard DES encyption.  Generally, this is benign.  ISAKMP/Oakley will still be able to negotiate IP security parameters, and protect that negotiation with DES encryption.  This should only be of concern if you demand that the ISAKMP/Oakley negotiation be protected with 3DES encryption.  If this is the case, please contact your network administrator.
This event indicates that the export client cannot perform encryption stronger than Data Encryption Standard (DES). The resulting negotiation agrees only on DES if the other computer can support DES. See ME257225 for a situation in which this event may occur.
Active Directory requires the Kerberos Key Distribution Center service for authentication. This error may occur if the Kerberos Key Distribution Center service is disabled. See ME316710 for more details.
This message shows that a configured 3DES VPN was downgraded to DES due to export restrictions. See ME265112 for more details.

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