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Event ID: 57 Source: hpqilo2

Maximum PwrMeter count (1) exceeded
When using Integrated Lights-Out 2 (iLO 2) Firmware Version 1.81 (or earlier) and iLO 2 Management Controller Driver Version (or earlier), a ProLiant server may unexpectedly reboot when running Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 or Windows XP. The following event ID 57 duplicate sensor error messages may be displayed in the Windows Event Log:

Duplicate fans instances
Duplicate thermal sensor indicates
insert logical container failed

In order to prevent unexpected server reboots, upgrade to both of the following:
- Integrated Lights-Out 2 (iLO 2) Firmware Version 1.82 (or later)
- iLO 2 Management Controller Driver Version (or later)
I got the following event description (same ID):
NetFN 0x36 command 0x2 timed out
NetFN 0x4 command 0x2D timed out
Failed GET SENSOR READING sensor 5
GetDeviceID failed: 0x0

It turned out that the Ilo2 management driver needs to be upgraded to when that is done it should solve the problem it did for me.
This normally results from iLO firmware upgrade. HP says you need to install the updated iLO drivers and the updated iLO system management driver to fix so they "match". Requires reboot of server.
See the discussions from the HP support forum: "Strange events from hpqilo2". In my case, the following has fixed the error (at least in some cases):
- Ran SmartStart CD 8.25 driver updates
- Installed all iLO firmware and driver updates posted on HP Website
- Installed 2009.06.20 System ROM bios update

* * *

In addition, this one could work out too:
"Have you tried re-installing driver version, restart the server then install again and do another restart? Make sure you have also tried a iLO2 reset under the diagnostics menu.
I know is sounds bizarre, but it worked for me and some one else."

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