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Event ID: 57 Source: hpqilo2

Failed GET SENSOR READING sensor 9
This message has appeared after the update version 1.14.0 for ILO Managment Interface and for ILO2 Managment Controller Driver.
This happens due to overheating of the device. Can be a physical damage to the thermostat or the device for some reason is getting overheated. Safest way would be to contact HP.
There are many types of error message associated with this event:
- Maximum memory sensor count (1) exceeded
- Duplicate thermal sensor indices: 1
- Duplicate supply instances: 1
- Duplicate container instances: 3
- Duplicate fan instances: 1
- NetFN 0x6 command 0x25 timed out
- Insert logical container 1 failed
- Cannot parse repository - monitoring disabled
- GetDeviceID failed: 0x0
- NetFN 0x4 command 0x2D timed out

Some user reported several instances of this event recorded in a raw (with different type of errors). This may point to some generic failure of the software to access the controller.
According to HP, to remove the Event ID 57 "NetFN timed out " and "Duplicate sensor " messages complete the following steps:
- Upgrade the iLO2 Firmware to version 1.78 or later.
- Upgrade the hpqilo2 management controller driver to version
See EV100144 (HP Document ID: c01802766) for information about how to upgrade the firmware when an HP ProLiant Server unexpectedly reboots and display event ID 57 error messages.

This event occurs because of an issue with several ilo firmware versions on HP servers. The official documentation from HP lists versions 1.7 and earlier and 1.9, but some users are reporting problems with 1.8 as well which was the version that HP recommended up/downgrading to if you were having the issue.

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