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Event ID: 57481 Source: BackupExec

An unusual error (<error number>) was encountered while enumerating the contents of the directory: \\CORPFS01\D$\Software\temp. It is possible that files or subdirectories have not been backed up. Please examine your log file or catalogs to ensure this directory tree was backed up in its entirety.
Error: 1117 - This error number refers to a Windows I/O error. In my case, I was running Backup Exec System Recover backups at the same time as the Backup Exec for Windows Servers backup. BESR consumed all the resources that is why I got the I/O error.
We had this problem when on a Windows 2000 server running the Backup Exec (V8.5) remote agent for NT/2000 after installing the Microsoft patch KB828035/MS03-043 (Messenger buffer overflow). Uninstalling the patch cured the problem.
Error 59 - no info
Error 53 - We received this error because the Windows 2000 agent was not installed on a 2000 server being backed up. After installation the problem went away.
We are getting this error when Veritas tries to backup a folder that is a DFS link to a share located on another server.

Error 5: This in relation to an event caused by Veritas backup software. See the link to TechNote ID: 191761.
Error: 999: I got this when I had bad blocks on a raided drive. I fixed this by using Checkdisk for repair/flag the bad blocks. I do believe that this also can happen when permissions are out of wack on W2K machines. Reseting permissions would need to be reset.

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