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Event ID: 57745 Source: BackupExec

Job <backup job name> ended in an error state. Examine recent event log entries and the Job History for details.
This event simply indicates that there was a problem with the backup job. There are many conditions that may generate this event. Check the Backup Exec logs for details about the error. One cause was suggested by a contributor in the link below. This error was also reported when different versions of Backup Exec agents were installed on clients.
In my case, the Remote Backup Exec Agent for Windows NT/2000 was not started on the remote server. Manually starting it solved the problem.
"Veritas Support Document ID: 247775" provides information on this event.
I received this error after every back-up. After reading the error log, I determined that in my case there was no error in the back-up. The error was reported because the backup instructions were looking for resource <resource>. Resource <resource> has been removed from the network so it can not be backed up. So an error gets reported because the backup instructions were unable to complete. The rest of the backup is 100% ok. To resolve this type of error all you have to do is change the backup instructions , ignore the error, or in my case deal with it until resource <resource> gets put back on the network.
For CRC errors - Check out Veritas TechNote ID: 192216.

From a public knowledge base: "How to determine why a Backup Exec for Windows NT and Windows 2000 job failed."
The following is a comprised list of words that can be used to search for what caused a job to fail. This list does not necessarily represent ALL words that may fail a job. If any one of the words below is searched for and found in a Backup Exec for Windows NT and Windows 2000 job log file, there will be more information following it regarding why the job failed. The log files are found on the Job Monitor tab, by double-clicking the instance of the failed job and selecting the "Log" tab.

Note: Most errors in Backup Exec 8.0 and later versions can be found by looking for caret symbols (^ ^ ^ ^ ^) in the failed job log.
1. Aborted
2. Attach
3. Connections
4. Corrupt
5. Denied
6. Error
7. Failed
8. Initialize
9. Insufficient
10. Memory
11. Not Found
12. Not Responding
13. Refused
14. Terminated
15. Unable

Hardware related errors:
16. Tape Alerts - (Note: Tape Alerts come from the Tape Device itself.  VERITAS reports these errors for the convenience of the customer.)
17. Physical Volume Library Media, Drive, or Changer Not Found - (Note: There are many variations to how this phrase can appear and many causes.)
18. Cyclic Redundancy Check  (CRC)
19. I/O Device errors
20. Semaphore (SCSI) Timeout
21. Unable to acquire device or media.
22. Mount Failed/Mount Failure
23. The device is busy.

Agent related errors:
24. OFO (Open File Option) initialization failures - (Note: This does not include the error stating the Open File Option was selected for use, but not installed.)
25. Intelligent Disaster Recovery Path not found/Unable to Generate Intelligent Disaster Recovery Information
26. Agent Accelerator not present - performing standard backup (Windows 2000 servers only, see complete error below.)
WARNING: Backup servers cannot completely protect remote Windows 2000 servers or workstations unless the Backup Exec Agent Accelerator for Windows NT/2000 is installed and running on each remote Windows 2000 server or workstation to be protected. Data loss can occur if the Agent Accelerator for Windows NT/2000 is not running while backing up remote Windows 2000 computers.

**Additional information regarding the failed job may be found in the Windows Event Viewer Application and/or System Log(s).      

Note: The following list will NOT cause a job to fail.
1. Remote Agent Not Present - Performing Standard backup. (Nt. 4.0 only.)
2. In use/Skipped files.
Another specific reason I have seen this error appear in event logs is from the following error message in Veritas:
"OFO: Unable to get minimum quiet time window for physical volume"

When a backup job starts the Open File Option (OFO) will appear to hang. In reality it is trying to establish a "quiet time" for the drive being backed up. By default, OFO will try for 2000 seconds (33.3 minutes) to establish 5 seconds of quiet time on the drive being backed up.
I had six servers with MS SQL 2000 that I had been backing up fine. Suddenly, they were all failing their SQL backups. The solution was to delete the account for the backup system from the SQL security settings and then to re-add the account.

It appears, after a little while, in some cases, the domain level logins can become "disconnected". Removing and reading the account is the best way to clear the issue.

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