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Event ID: 5782 Source: NETLOGON

Dynamic registration or deregistration of one or more DNS records failed with the following error: No DNS servers configured for local system. Data: 0000: 7c 26 00 00
From a newsgroup post: "This will happen if your machine is configured to use a DNS server that does not support or will not accept dynamic updates. This would be the case if your machine is pointing to the DNS server your ISP provided. To stop your computer from trying to register with DNS simply go into the v tab of the advanced TCP/IP properties of your connection and uncheck both boxes at the bottom of the window. However, if you are part of an an Active Directory infrastructure and need to use dynamic updates then you must remove your ISP DNS server from your settings and only use your DNS servers."

Another newsgroup post suggested the use of netdiag and dcdiag to diagnose this problem. See T731434 on information on how to use netdiag to test for connectivity issues.
This may be recorded if you have Adapters/interfaces that have been disabled or removed from your system still configured in your registry. Check HKLM\Systems\CurrentControlSet\Services\Netlogon\Parameters,
look at Adapters, Interfaces, and DNSRegisteredAdapters and delete the 'old' Adapters, Interfaces, and DNSRegisteredAdapters. Once that is done, run NetDiag or NetDiag /test:DNS - everything should pass for you now.
This may be recorded on a server that is running low on resources with the DNS server failing to respond to registration requests in the configured time interval. This may be a temporary condition. If it persists, one should look into making sure that the system is not underpowered.
In my situation there was single labeled domain (domain without .local or any other ending). You should use registry path or GPO for all computers in domain to update single labeled domain DNS. It is described in ME300684.
I have two domain controllers running Server 2003 SP1 and kept getting this error every 24 hours + 2 seconds. I got rid of it by checking the "Register this connection's addresses in DNS" check box that is located on the DNS tab in the Advanced TCP/IP Settings dialog box.

I started getting this error on a Windows 2003 Domain Controller after uninstalling Panda Network secure. After following ME325356, the problem was resolved.
If you are not using DHCP on the server, make sure that the setting below is configured properly:
- in the DHCP manager, right click the server and choose properties
- select the DNS tab and toggle the "Always update" radio button.
I definitely needed to change the DNS server on the Domain Controller to point to itself. However, that alone did not help. The tricky part is that the DHCP service needs to be running for DNS updates to work. The DHCP service was disabled on the DC because of static IP. After I turned on the DHCP service, the problem was solved.
I was getting this problem on a new Windows 2003 server in a Windows 2000 domain. The Windows 2003 server is going to be the DC. Event ID 5782 appeared every 24 hours in the event log. After going through everything here and in MS’s knowledgebase, I ran “NETDIAG /test:dns” and got a failed result at the end. I then ran “NETDIAG /fix” and after a few minutes “NETDIAG /test:dns” gave me a passed result. 24 hrs later, there are no more events from the NetLogon service.
See MSW2KDB for details on this event.
I had this problem on our primary DNS server. This server used itself as his primary DNS server. After I changed the primary DNS server for this machine to another DNS server, the problem disappeared.
If this problem occurs on a Domain Controller with Intel ProSet installed and if you have more than one network adapter, and made team (link aggregation, load balancing, etc), first you should set up properties for one adapter and then create team and change team adapter settings.
Point this DNS server to itself in the TCP/IP properties. Enable "Register this connection's addresses in DNS" in TCP/IP. Enable Dynamic Updates on your DNS servers (forward and reverse). Now restart NetLogon.
The DHCP Client must be running. As per Microsoft: "The DHCP Client service is responsible for performing the dynamic update for the host record. If the computer has a static IP address, the DHCP Client service also updates the pointer (or reverse lookup) record. This service must be running on all computers that perform dynamic updates, regardless of whether they are configured as DHCP clients". See ME266319 for more details.

The only way I could get rid of this warning in my Win2k server domain was to include in the windows registry: “HKLM\Systems\CurrentControlSet\Services\Netlogon\Parameters”, the following DWORD value:
Valuename = DnsUpdateOnAllAdapters.
Value = 1.
After this, restart the NetLogon service and you will never see the event warning 5782 again.
If you remove the DNS servers of the provider in the TCP/IP properties and then add them as forwarders then the error also dissapears. The primary DNS is still your local DC and for DNS requests he can not find he will use the forwarders.

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