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Event ID: 6 Source: MSExchangeMGMT

The Microsoft Exchange Management service encountered an error(<error description>).
I tried what Frank wrote in his comment and in my case there was a wrong path, but not because of a Fritz! software. It was some other software. I changed the path to C:\winnt\system32\atl.dll and it worked.
From a newsgroup post: "Microsoft Exchange Management Service won't start. Check the path of the atl.dll file in RegKey: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{44EC053A-400F-11D0-9DCD-00A0C90391D3}\InprocServer32 @="C:\\WINNT\\System32\\ATL.DLL". Only the "C:\winnt\system32\atl.dll" path will work with the Service. If the path points to a wrong or empty folder, the service will fail to start".

I searched my registry for ATL.DLL and found 2 keys in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID but pointing to c:\programme\fritz!\atl.dll instead of c:\winnt\system32\atl.dll (a complete search in c:\ from explorer found the file there and in \dllcache). We uninstalled the Fritz! software for the IDSN-Controller from AVM after changing the internet connection from ISDN to a DSL-line. It seems that the uninstaller deleted the files but left some registry keys unchanged. I changed the keys manually and now I was able to start the service.
From a newsgroup post: "In my case, this error appeared immediately after a failed upgrade of Sophos MailMonitor for Exchange. The resolution for me was to completely remove MM for Exchange and then re-install it. Problem then went away. Possibly the problem is caused by the failure of some sort of exchange plug-in such as AV or backup software".

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