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Event ID: 60 Source: SNAServer

Failed to invoke APPC TP <TP name>, sense data = 084C0000.
This problem occurs when an instance of the APPC or CPI-C application stops unexpectedly. In addition, this is most likely to occur if the application issues RECEIVE_ALLOCATE() calls for multiple Transaction Programs (TPs). See ME246794 for a hotfix applicable to Microsoft SNA Server.

According to Microsoft this event may occur when the FMH-5 (Function Management Header-5) Attach message cannot be routed to the invokable TP. See ME875546 for a hotfix applicable to Microsoft Host Integration Server 2000 Service Pack 1.

See ME940285 and ME951628 for hotfixes applicable to Microsoft Host Integration Server 2006.

This problem also occurs when you use the Tpstart.exe program that is included in the Host Integration Server 2000 SDK as the transaction program loader. See ME884112 for more information on this problem.

As per Microsoft: "A problem with the conversion of Advanced Program-to-Program Communications (APPC) Program Initialization Parameters (PIP) data from ASCII to EBCDIC resulted in the data being processed twice". See ME195165 for details.

This event is also mentioned in article ME276232.
As per Micrtosoft: "The server cannot route an incoming FMH-5 Attach message to an invokable TP if the invokable TP is not registered in the service table of the server". See ME829980 for a hotfix applicable to Microsoft Host Integration Server 2000.

According to Microsoft this event can also occur because the Host Integration Server 2004 client does not correctly initialize an internal flag when the SnaBase service (Snabase.exe) starts. See ME893399 for a hotfix applicable to Microsoft Host Integration Server 2004.

When more than one SNA Server client or Host Integration Server client are hosted on a single Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000 Terminal Server computer, invokable transaction programs fail to receive incoming conversation requests. Instead, incoming requests may be routed to the wrong client, or the incoming attach requests may be rejected with sense code 084C0000 = Transaction Program Not Available - No Retry. When this occurs, SNA Server logs this event. See ME265001 for more information.

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