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Event ID: 6002 Source: MSExchangeMid-TierStorage

Ping of mdb 'GUID' timed out after '00:00:00' minutes. Last successful ping was at '12/13/2012 8:47:00 PM' UTC.
I seen this happen in Exchange 2013 when Mailbox rolls & Client rolls are on the same server. Errors start when you build a Hub Receive Connector for email relay (say a photocopier for internal emails). The mistake made is you set the port to 25 for SMTP but when a exchange server is acting in this due roll the FrontEnd Receive Connectors use port 25 and the Hub connectors use port 2525.

You have to make FrontEnd Transport Receive connectors for mail relay in these dual roll situations as they use port 25, which is the opposite to what they tell you when you do a google search on how to build a relay receive connector because they assume you runs the Rolls on different servers.
Unless the users are experiencing problems and this event is repeated quite often, one can ignore this event. In many cases, the "ping" is assigned a lower priority than other Exchange tasks and it may appears as if the specified database is not available while in fact, the system was too busy to respond to the mdb ping.

According to a support engineer:
Based on my experience, this event information is not accurate. In some cases, one can see these events, however Exchange server works fine and user can connect to Exchange server to do all the operations smoothly. For out situation, if no user reports any Outlook/Exchange usage problem, we can also safely ignore it without any investigation. Anyway, if you want to check the target database information, we can use the below cmdlet to get the detail:

Get-MailboxDatabase <database_guid> | fl

See TB124924 for full details about using Get-MailboxDatabase.

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