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Event ID: 6004 Source: VSS

Sqllib error: Database <database> is not simple.
See ME828481 for a hotfix applicable to Microsoft Windows Server 2003.

From a newsgroup post: "VSS is the Volume Shadow-copy Service enabling volume shadow copies. In addition to network caching, it means that a backup is able to copy some open files, avoiding problems when processes lock files when backup runs. As you can imagine, this is not really all that useful for database files, especially when transaction logs are kept in separate files.
If your MSDE is set for Full recovery model, all transactions are logged fully in the logs, so VSS could backup the database with out-of-sync data and logs. Instead, VSS knows to avoid MSDE files when the database recovery model is not Simple". See the link to " Volume Shadow Copy Technology" for additional information on VSS.

From a newsgroup post: "There is a known issue specific to NTBackup only; whenever you try to backup some files on the same volume you will have this error log entry. In this case, you can ignore the error".

From a newsgroup post: "Check all your SQL databases (including master & model) and make sure the Recovery Model is set to 'Simple'. Backup will fail every time if it is set to 'Full' on any database".
In my opinion, this is a bug in Win2k3 (or SQL2K). The problem is if you have SQL2K SP3 installed, you cannot Volume Shadow Copy any of the database files. Microsoft for a long time (and still obviously, since they have not issued a patch for it), blamed it on HD drivers, Compaq, Dell, etc. The only solution is to not include the database files in VSS backups, or to place your data backups in "Simple Recovery Mode", which is definitely not recommended. Therefore, really the only solution is to use the SQL backup that is included with SQL2K. It is not a very good solution, but there it is. Of course, if you are not using VSS, and have daily tape backups, then this is less of an issue.
A Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) update package is available for Windows Server 2003. The update might solve this problem. See ME833167 for more details.

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