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Event ID: 62464 Source: atikmdag

UVD Information
From a support forum:

Running 64-bit Windows 7 RTM (from TechNet) on a Gigabyte GA-EP-45-UD3P motherboard with an Intel Core2Duo E8400 and 8GB RAM installed. The video card is a Gigabyte PCI-e 16X card based on the ATI HD4850 chipset. The display is an 23 inch Apple Cinema display driven of the video card's DVI port. The TV tuner card is a Hauppauge HVR-1800 in PCI-e 1X slot (the same behavior occurs with an HVR-1600 tuner in a PCI slot).

TV source is the analog S-video feed from a Scientific Atlanta cable TV tuner box fed by Comcast digital cable service. Watching or recording a TV program in Media Center, after some variable amount of time, usually about 20 minutes, the video and audio degrade with increasing levels of "digital breakup" or stuttering. Pressing the pause button and immediatly resuming play results in normal operation for a variable amount of time, but shorter than the first interval, before the problem reoccurs. I do not see this behavior when watching/recording the same signal source using Hauppauge's WinTV 7 software.

I have discovered the problem is apparently the result of resource contention. I moved the card to another PCI-e 1X slot and the nature of the problem changes. Rather than the audio and video stuttering after about 20 minutes, on certain sources I now get a glitch in the video every 5 sec or so. This starts as soon as I begin viewing a source. Audio is not affected. Still investigating, but the channels most affected are part of Comcast's premium tier digital service so the problem may be related to Fairplay.

See EV100130 (Windows 7 Media Center - LiveTV stuttering) for the full discussion.

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