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Event ID: 6527 Source: DNS

Zone <zone name> expired before it could obtain a successful zone transfer or update from a master server acting as its source for the zone. The zone has been shut down.
This issue can occur if the Master DNS server for the record you are trying to load does not appear in the DNS servers tab of your LAN connection.
See the link to DNS server log reference for more details about this event.
I was getting this error when doing a "Transfer from Master" from my desktop on Win XP. I ran the transfer directly on the Secondary DNS server and it worked fine.
From newsgroup posts:

- "It means that your server has not performed a zone transfer from whomever the master DNS server is for <zone name> in the allocatted time, so the zone file you have has expired and your DNS server will no longer answer queries for that zone. Investigate the DNS server holding the master zone"

- "Looks like a problem on the master. Are any of the other slaves (if any) having any problems with zone transfers of the zone? On your slave, try doing a non-recursive, TCP AXFR query for the domain from the master. The error you get back should help you troubleshoot the problem. If you're
not getting any kind of error back, then there is something wrong with your nameserver."

- "You should probably be looking for a problem like the secondary being unable to connect to the primary on TCP/IP port 53, or the primary being configured to deny zone transfer requests from the secondaries IP address. On the secondary server start by using ping to establish that it can reach
the primary at all.  Then, also on the secondary, use NSLOOKUP. Use the SERVER command to point it to the primary. Then try to manually transfer a copy of the zone using the ls -d command.  This should tell you if the secondary cannot reach the primary on port 53 or if there is a problem in
the transfer."

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