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Event ID: 6941 Source: EnterpriseVault

Client request refused due to insufficient privileges user <user> attempted to access the Archive Folder:

Archive name: <archive name>
Archive folder path: \Inbox\Application Delivery Folder
Vault Id: 1096E59CC2BF4DE4689C53FFE5D48C82D1110000evsite.swinton.shl.local but does not have permission(s) (Read).
A frequent cause of this Warning is a user attempting an operation on a forwarded moved or copied shortcut to a Vault for which they do not have the required permission(s).
This event is being generated because the Enterprise Vault permissions to the userís mailbox have not been set. With an Enterprise Vault & Exchange 2003 installation the following is required to grant access to a mailbox:

- Exchange / Active Directory:
Apply the permissions to the mailbox as required.

- Enterprise Vault:
1. Launch the Enterprise Vault Administration Console.
2. Browse to "Site Name"\Archives\Mailbox\%username%.
3. Right click the account you want to grant access to and select properties.
4. Click the Permissions tab and add the username of which you are granting access & set the appropriate permissions.

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