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Event ID: 7 Source: Cdrom

The device, \Device\CdRom0, has a bad block.
This event can be recorded on a virtual installation of Windows 7 (using Microsoft Hyper-V) when the virtual CD-ROM drive attached to the guest OS is pointing to an .iso file (i.e. such as the one containing the installation files). Removing the virtual CD-ROM drive or remapping it to the actual physical drive installed on the host computer fixes the problem.
In my case it turned out to be a bad ZIP file I was trying to burn.
I encountered this error with an older CD writer, in combination with Event ID 51. The CD drive is of a cheap supermarket brand (that prooved superior in burning!), after a period of 4+ years. Maybe the high summer temperatures in my working room (sometimes >36 C) affected the disk.
In my case, this error happened on a DVD movie that I owned and was scratched. Fortunately, the disk could be saved by using DVD Rip and copy software as well as using another brand of DVD drive. In that respect, it seems that the earlier SONY 2x DVD Writers have quite less problems with bad sectors on DVDs.
I solved this issue by removing the starforce copy protection drivers from my pc. See the link to "Starforce removal tool" for information on how to do that.

This error can occur with Virtual CD/DVD-ROM drives as well. I replaced my CD drive and DVD drive and I still got the error. The problem was that I installed Daemon Tools and mounted an ISO from a share. At a certain time the share was unavailable and this caused the error.
The data might be missing or corrupted. Retry the operation, clean the drive, or use new media. See MSW2KDB for more details.

See ME126380 and ME314096 for information on how to troubleshoot CD-ROM drive problems in Microsoft Windows.
Replacing the CDROM drive resolved this problem for us.
This happened to me when I went to install Unreal Tournament 2k3, from my Pioneer DVD-120S. If I wait long enough, my drive finally catches up. I tried the same disc in my cheap CD-RW drive, and it worked just fine.
Usually this happens to custom-written CDs as the quality of the CD-burners may not be that good. A scratched CD may also generate this event.
This may also happen if the CD is dirty so clean it and try again.
The CD drive may be dirty, especially the lens. There are on the market special CDs with little brushes for cleaning. If this doesn't work, of course after checking with a trusted data CD, you may consider opening the CD unit for a complete cleaning and lubricating the mechanisms.
I found out that this error happend with Safedisc protected CDRom.

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