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Event ID: 7 Source: Disk

The device, <device>, has a bad block.
According to Microsoft: "From the command prompt, run the Chkdsk utility with the /r option on the named partition. If Chkdsk reports no errors but you continue to receive this message, run hardware diagnostics on the disk drive named in the message and on its controller. You might need to contact the vendor of the device for technical support, and you might have to replace the controller, the disk drive, or both."
This event might be logged when you format a logical disk on an extended partition on an ATAPI hard disk drive on a Microsoft Windows NT 4.0-based computer. See ME817755 for a hotfix applicable to Microsoft Windows NT.

See MSW2KDB and "Lacie Support FAQ" for additional information about this event.
As per Microsoft: "The device has a bad block of memory, which Windows attempted to read. The data might be missing or corrupted". See the link to "Event ID 7 from source Cdrom" for details on this event.
According to Microsoft you need to translate the hard disk number to a physical drive on the system. You can determine the hard disk number by looking in the registry, but you need to know if you are using IDE drives, SCSI drives or a combination of the two. Disk Administrator will display the drives in the order they are enumerated on each controller and in the order that the controller device drivers are loaded. If you are using multiple controllers, the order in which they are identified is based on I/O port and controller BIOS address assignments. See ME159865 for more details.

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