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Event ID: 7002 Source: ServiceControlManager

The <service name> service depends on the <group name> group and no member of this group started.
- Service: "TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper" - See ME317140.
- Service: "Microsoft Exchange Information Store" - See "Dell Support Document Number: FA1090850".
- Service: "Banyan VINES Workstation" - This was caused by the Banyan VINES Windows 2000 client still being bound to an adapter which I had disabled. I had to enter the VINES Setup and change the Network properties to point at the adapter I was now using.
- Service: "TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper" - See ME248057.

None of the services in the specified group started. Because the service is dependent on other members of the group, the service did not start. See MSW2KDB for more details on this event.
- Service: TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper, Group: NetworkProvider - The TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper service enables support for NetBIOS over TCP/IP (NetBT) service and NetBIOS name resolution.  This message is not generated by this service itself but by the Service Control Manager signaling its inability to start the TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper service.
- Service: Routing and Remote Access, Group: NetBIOSGroup - Install Client for Microsoft Networks. No bindings are required, it simply needs to be installed.

There are several Microsoft articles with information about this event: ME166184, ME177497, ME250262, ME307734.

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