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Event ID: 7003 Source: ServiceControlManager

The <service name 1> service depends on the following nonexistent service: <service name 2>
- Service 1: Print Spooler, Service 2: <service name> - See ME915168.
- Service 1: DHCP Client, Service 2: <service name> - See ME915162.
- Service 1: Background Intelligent Transfer Service, Service 2: Lanman Workstation - See "FAQShop Article".
- Service 1: Microsoft Active Directory Connector, Service 2: LanmanServer - See ME278658 and "JSI Tip 4820".
- Service 1: World Wide Web Publishing, Service 2: IpFilterDriver - See ME287669 and ME186815.
- Service 1: DHCP, Service 2: SYMTDI - See ME812335.
- Service 1: Net Logon, Service 2: LmHosts - See ME158146 and "JSI Tip 1060".
- Service 1: Computer Browser, Service 2: LmHosts - See ME158146 and "JSI Tip 1060".
- Service 1: SRTSP, Service 2: FltMgr - From a newsgroup post: "The FltMgr error was caused by not having the current Windows updates. After I updated to Service Pack 2 and after I uninstalled Norton Internet Security, the error went away".
- Service 1: NetBios over TCP/IP, Service 2: NaiAvTdi1 - Start REGEDT32 and navigate to HKLM\CurrentControlSet\Services\NetBT. Under DependOnService, TCPIP and NaiAvFilter1 are present. Remove NaiAvFilter1 only.
If you are running BlackBerry Enterprise Server, then see "BlackBerry Support Article Number: KB-02004" for information on this issue.

As per Microsoft: "The service first specified is configured to require a service that is not installed or is configured incorrectly". See MSW2KDB for additional information on this issue.
If this happens when you are installing Arcserve 7.0 Manager on a Windows 2000 it just means that you need File and Printer Sharing service installed. See Computer Associates Technical Support ID: 18043 for more details.
This event is usually generated when an installation is unfinished or intrerrupted abnormally. If the service in question is a Windows system service, try (re)installing the latest service pack.

IIS Admin Service/ProtectedStorage: See ME185029.
Exchange System Attendant/LanmanServer: See ME278658.
IIS Admin Service/NTLMSSP: See ME218458.
Microsoft Windows Internet Name Service/NTLMSSP: See ME125999.
IIS Admin Service/Protected Storage: See ME187710.
SAP Agent/NWLNKIPX: See ME132523.
Directory Service Manager for NetWare/NwcWorkstation: See ME154706.
Microsoft Exchange Connector for POP3 Mailboxes/MSExchangeIMC: See ME290057.
Distributed File System/LanmanWorkstation: See ME307734, ME322267.

Remote management service/WM: This event was generated on a W2K Pro box using the Novell Client
32. This event was caused by Novell's Remote Management service that is associated with the executable C:\NOVELL\ZENRC\wuser32.exe. Once this service was disable, the event stoped being generated.
For Windows 2000 registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\lanmanserver
is missing or contains incorrect data. Copy and merge from a working machine. Service Pack reinstall did not fix problem.

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