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Event ID: 7247 Source: EnterpriseVault

Could not get the IndexServer sequence number: The Alta Vista index is not open [0xc0041c64]  
Internal reference: GetSequenceNumber
VaultID: 16CC8B309D01434408208BA7BE921BD201110000KVAULT
This error could indicate that a specific user vault in the Veritas/Symantec Enterprise Vault software has been corrupted. The process for potentially ridding the system of the index is somewhat lengthy, but here goes:

1. Stop the Enterprise Vault services in the control panel and record the VaultID that is throwing the error from the application event log.
2. Open the SQL Enterprise Manager for the server running the SQL database for the vault services. Under the PrimaryVault database in the SQL manager, either display the rows in the ArchivePoint database or use query manager to look for the VaultID in the ArchivePoint table. Once the ID has been found set the ReplayState value to 1.
3. Open the Message Queuing management panel and browse to the enterprise vault storage replay folder under the private queues and purge the items in the folder.
4. Under the system queues the transactional dead-letter folder may also have to be purged.
5. Finally, browse out to the index folder for KVault and find the folder corresponding to the offending ID and rename the folder. Fire up the KVault services and a new index should now get created.

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