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Event ID: 8 Source: Microsoft-Windows-PrintSpooler

The jobs in the print queue for printer HG-202-P1 on mbc-fp3-hg (redirected 2) were deleted. No user action is required.
To stop logging warning events for the print spooler in Control Panel open Printers right-click a blank area of the window click Run as Administrator click Server Properties click the Advanced tab and then clear the Log spooler warning events check box.
According to T773946, this is just a normal message, indicating that the printer jobs were cleared. There is no further action required.
If there is a problem with the print spooler, there might be other events related to the issue itself. This event just indicates that the queue was cleared (admins sometimes have to do that during the troubleshooting process and if the logging is enable for the print spooler, you may see this event, even though it is not a result of a problem).

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