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Event ID: 8 Source: SNAServer

(1174) Internal Protocol Violation

A protocol violation has occurred at the interface between the SNA  Service and another SNA component (for example, the emulator or link  service).

X'1105'  Insufficient space to copy data into node buffer.
X'1112'  Received unknown message type at the node interface.
X'1144'  Received illegal message at the node interface.
X'1151'  Received unrecognized message from the link service component.
X'1174'  Received invalid session limits message from Host Integration Server SNA Manager.
X'1175'  Received invalid CNOS command.
X'1188'  Received invalid CNMS message.

Provide network support personnel with the event log file(s) related to  SNA, SNA trace file(s), and the number and description of the displayed subcode. For information about SNA log and trace files, see the "Microsoft Host Integration Server Online Books."
The SNA Server service (Snaservr.exe) may incorrectly log this warning message during a bracket race condition when the SNA Server service processes LUA data. See ME898552 for a hotfix applicable to Microsoft Host Integration Server 2000 and Microsoft Host Integration Server 2004.
As per Microsoft: "This problem occurs if the following conditions exist:
1.An APPC mode has been configured with an automatic activation limit, and an explicit partnership has been defined.
2.An invoking APPC transaction program issues an MC_ALLOCATE request by using the FQPLU_NAME (fully-qualified partner LU name) field instead of the PLU_ALIAS (partner LU alias) field. However the string that the transaction program specifies in the FQPLU_NAME field actually represents the partner LU alias instead of the fully-qualified partner LU name". See ME320010 for details on this issue.

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