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Event ID: 8017 Source: NTBackup

NTBackup error: '<error message>'
This can be caused by Veritas BackupExec 9.1. See “Symantec Support Document ID: 264969”. BE adds an erroneous registry value in key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Currentcontrolset\control\NTMS\OMID\tape\be. The value “Path” has incorrect information in it. Copy the file mll_BE.dll from the "Program Files\VERITAS\Backup Exec\NT" folder (default install) to the location specified in the Path value, and reboot the system.
In my case, this event was caused by the server not being able to write to an external USB storage drive.
This problem may occur if one or more folders that have been scheduled for backup are deleted or moved. See ME828402 and MSW2KDB for more details.

From a newsgroup post: "Based on my research, I think this issue appears because the SBS backup selection script (Program Files\Microsoft Windows Small Business Server\Backup\Small Business Backup Script.bks) created by the Backup Configuration Wizard contains references to the Exchange Recovery Storage Group.
If you open the Small Business Backup Script.bks with a notepad, you will see:
JET SERVERNAME\Microsoft Information Store\Recovery Storage Group.

If the Recovery Storage Group is added to Exchange first, and then you run the Backup Configuration Wizard, the Recovery Storage Group will be added to the Small Business Backup Script.bks. However, NTbackup is not able to back it up either via the script or directly via the NTbackup GUI. I suggest you use NTbackup to remove Recovery Storage Group reference from the backup selection script:
1. Start -> Run -> NTBackup -> Advanced Mode -> Backup tab -> Job -> Load Selections.
2. Select Small Business Backup Script.bks.
3. Click OK on the error message: Some invalid selections found in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Windows Small Business Server\Backup\Small Business Backup Script.bks".
- Error: "The requested media failed to mount. The operation was aborted" - The tape drive is a Sony AIT drive which supports both AIT and AIT1 tapes. The backup always wants to default to AIT1 tapes which don't seem to mount. Backup works correctly with a tape of type AIT. Microsoft's article ME831664 describes an update to bkprunner.exe that allows it to recognize additional types of tapes.
- Error message: "The saved selection file "NT\NTBackup\data\Andrei.bks" cannot be found" - This problem can happen if the bks file is corrupt or if the selections from it are not present anymore.

- Error message: "The requested media failed to mount. The operation was aborted" - I experienced this event on a W2K3 machine with hp dat72 tape drive installed, when using scheduled ntbackup. After some experimenting I found out that the User Profile Hive Cleanup Service (uphclean) was causing the problem. I solved this issue by stopping uphclean before backup procedure and starting it again after finishing backup. However I have not experienced this problem on a machine running W2K with the same hp dat72 tape drive.
- Error message: "The requested media failed to mount. The operation was aborted" - This problem appeared when using NT Backup wizard. An incorrect backup device being selected caused the problem. Open NT Backup without the wizard and you will notice that when creating a backup manually, you have to select the correct backup destination as another one is selected by default.
On Win2k, this happens if "backupexec" e.g. was previously installed. Then another pool is created: backupexec. It must be deleted. The backup.bks file and the other one without extension must be deleted and recreated using the wizard.
Open and save .bks file. See also ME283592.

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