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Event ID: 8139 Source: MSADC

The target object "<object>" was modified after the source object "<object>". Consequently the following set of updates will not be applied to the target object. If this warning persists make sure that the time is correctly set on both the source and target servers.
As per Microsoft: "This issue can occur if there is a time-skew between the servers from which the ADC is reading the information. The ADC reads information from a domain controller (or global catalog) and an Exchange Server. If these servers have a time skew between them, this issue can occur. Also, if a target object is modified manually between replication cycles, this issue might occur". See MSEX2K3DB for additional information about this event.
This problem was occurring during my testing phase of an Exchange 2003 deployment. The fix was to verify the ADC connections are pointing to a domain controller that is a Global Catalog. After manually setting this DC as a GC, the ADC.EXE error stopped and replication worked fine. Using the Wizard to create the ADC connection agreements did not alert me that I was pointing to a DC that was not a Global Catalog server.

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