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Event ID: 8197 Source: IrEvents

The infrared file transfer service encounterd an error while getting started. The error reported was <error code>.
I was getting this error on systems with an error code of "0". It turned out to be caused by a bug in Windows. The first time a user attempts to receive an infrared file on a machine, and the user is not an Administrator on the local machine, he will receive the above error and will be unable to receive any files. This is because the program IRFTP.EXE that is used to receive these files attempts to create registry entries if they don't exist already. Because the user is not an Administrator it does not have the necessary permissions to create these entries and the above error is logged. If the registry entries already exist on the machine (because an Administrator has used IRFTP.EXE in the past) then the problem does not occur.

To fix the problem, either receive a file as an Administrator, or if you have a lot of computers with the problem, use a startup script to create the following registry entries:

"CategoryCount" = 2 (REG_DWORD, decimal)
"CategoryMessageFile" = %SystemRoot%\system32\irmon.dll (REG_EXPAND_SZ)
"EventMessageFile" = %SystemRoot%\system32\irmon.dll (REG_EXPAND_SZ)
"TypesSupported" = 7 (REG_DWORD, decimal)

The two string entries are REG_EXPAND_SZ rather than ordinary REG_SZ, which means that under Windows 2000 you have to use the regedt32.exe program rather than regedit.exe. Under Windows XP regedit.exe supports creating REG_EXPAND_SZ values natively. Once the entries are created by either method then file transfer should work perfectly for non-Administrators as well as Administrators.

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