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Event ID: 8205 Source: irevents

The infrared file transfer service encountered an error while checking for configuration changes. Changes made from the Wireless Link control panel will not take effect until the next logon session. The error reported was 6.
As per Microsoft: "The Infrared monitor service could not properly register to be notified of changes to the registry, so the service will not detect any changes you make from the Wireless Link control panel until you log off and log back on. If this event message was recorded while you were logging off or while your computer was shutting down, this message was generated in error and you should ignore it". See MSW2KDB for more information.

From a newsgroup post: "Okay for starters make sure the infrared is enabled in BIOS. Then go to Control Panel and there should be a Wireless Link icon there, go into that. Under the Infrared tab, make sure you have a Default Location for the received files. Under the Image Transfer tab, make sure there is a path for the received images also and finally under the Hardware tab make sure your device is there and functioning. Reboot and that should fix you up".
According to ME326119, this is a known bug of Windows XP SP1. There is a fix, currently only available via MS PSS.

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