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Event ID: 8213 Source: MSExchangeFBPublish

System Attendant Service failed to create session for virtual machine <computer name>. The error number is <error code>.
Error 0xc0070533 - Check to make sure that you do not have a service account in a disabled state.
As per Microsoft: "The System Attendant service failed to create a session for the virtual machine specified in the Event Log. This usually occurs when the Exchange Service Account credentials have been changed or corrupted". See MSEX2K3DB for additional information on this event.
- Error code: 0x80090005 - See ME817202 to resolve this problem.
Error code: 0x80044501 - see ME296151

Error code: 0xc0070534 - This error appears to map to "No mapping between account names and security IDs was done" (Error code 1332) error description. From a newsgroup post: Few conditions when this error can occur:
1. The error code can occur if the Admin Group was previously a mixed AG and the EX5.5 server was not properly decommissioned. If the EX5.5 was improperly decommisioned there may be references to security info that were needed to connect to the EX5.5 server during co-existence.
2. Exchange 5.5 Service account renamed.
3. Two Way trust not working between the NT4.0 EX5.5 Domain and the WIN2K AD
EX2000 domain.
From another post: "Explicit permissions are required to write to the Ex5.5 Org, Site and Config Containers from the WIN2K side. E2K needs to write certain things to the Dir of the Ex5.5 side.  If it does not have permission, it will fail. The "0xC0070534" error is related to permissions.

As per ME294159, this may occur if you renamed the Exchange 5.5 service account to something other than the default value of "Administrator." This causes Setup to send incorrect parameters to the Exchange 2000 portion of the integrated setup, which results in the inability to successfully upgrade the Exchange 2000 Server component.

Error 0x8007203a = "Server is not operational" - See the link to Error code 8250. If this occurs during Exchange setup then you may find additional clues about the problem in the Exchange Server Setup Progress.Log file.

Error code: 0x8009000f  = "Object already exists" - See the information for Error code 5010.
Error code: 0xc007052e - I found a solution posted on a newsgroup that worked for a poster on another web site. "Open ESM, obtain properties page on the admin group, click on modify, re-type the password. I then restarted system attendant service (net start msexchangemta)"
This worked for the other poster. The discussion thread is here:

Error code: 0xc0070569 - Acording to Microsoft Support the Exchange 5.5 System Manager needs "log on locally" permission on the Exchange 2000 servers. The errors occured every 25 minutes and now the problem seems to be solved.
Error code: 0x80090005 - In my case I have changed the name m/c on which  Exchange 2000 server was residing, so to avoid this problem we have changed the following registery value to point it to correct server HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\MSExchangeFBPublish\Parameters\<server Name> <- change this and change the SA DN.

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