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Event ID: 8277 Source: MSExchangeFBPublish

Error while getting sorted message table for duplicate message deletion on virtual machine . The error number is <error code>
You will also get this error if your first web server in IIS does not have a blank host header. See ME282125 for details on this issue. I was able to just add a new host header that was blank, and retain my original virtual host entry for that web server.
I got this on a server that had Exchange 2000 migrated to it. Prior to this, the other server (old server) had Exchange uninstalled and was taken out of the domain and is no longer present. Looking into the replication tab of the Schedule+ Free busy folder I found that the only server listed was the old server. I added the new server into the list and then could remove the reference to the old one and the problem seems to have gone away.
See ME275171 to find out how to reset System Folders on an Exchange 2000 Server.

Error code 0x80004005 = "Unspecified failure" - no additional info
From a newsgroup a Microsoft Online Support Professional suggested to look at the free/busy system folder in Exchange 2000 server and see if it's missing.

"To view the free/busy system folder in Exchange 2000 server, open Exchange
System Manager, navigate to the "Public Folders" hierarcy. Right click on
"Public Folders" then select "View System Folders".

If you don't see a system folder called "Schedule+ Free/Busy" then this is
the problem. I suspect that the clients are also having problems publishing
free/busy data." To resolve this issue, see ME284200.

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