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Event ID: 9 Source: atapi

The device, \Ide\IdePort0, did not respond within the timeout period.
In my case, this problem was solved after uninstalling KASPERSKI AV/IS.
In my case, error indicated \Device\Ide\IdePort1. Upon going to registry, went to regedit and navigated to hkey_local_machine\hardware\devicemap\scsi\scsi port 1 - noticed it was labeled as "cdrom peripheral" - replaced cdrom drive, no more errors.
Message: IDE-port 0 not responding within the timeout period.
It could be HDD 0 or IDE/ATAPI controller, but first:
- Check the cables from the MB to the HDD.
- Check the operation of any other devices connected to the same cable as HDD 0  - even disconnect any CD/DVD drives on that cable.
In my case, this problem was solved after uninstalling Roxio's Easy CD Creator 5.0. There are known compatibility issues between Windows XP and versions of Easy CD Creator earlier than version 5.1. See ME310628 for details.
In one case, a computer was running Windows 2000 Professional SP4 that was configured to boot from a SCSI drive. An IDE drive was temporarily added in order to perform some work on it. When the computer was started this event was repeated four times and then followed by EventID 11 from source atapi. Windows showed the disk as normal but Partition Magic 8.0 showed it as "BAD". Remove or replace the faulty hard drive.

Getting this error could mean that your hard disk controller is not working well. Check to see if you have difficulty accessing the hard disk (slow), or if the hard disk is having trouble powering up. Even though the controller is not working well you can still get all ok when running S.M.A.R.T. checks.
The attempt to read or write data timed out. See MSW2KDB for details on this event.
90% of these mean a poor quality CD (usually the custom recorded ones). Also you can check the cabling on the device named in the message. If the cabling is working satisfactorily and you continue to receive this message, run hardware diagnostics on the disk drive named and on its controller. You might have to contact the vendor of the device for technical support. See also ME154690 link below.

This event is common to many controllers. See event id 9 from adpu160m.
Device path: \Ide\IdePort1 - This error may be received if you have 2 cd-roms on the same ide channel with incorrect jumper settings. In my scenario, the cd-rom jumpers were set to cable select however the IDE cable did not support it. Configuring the jumpers to master/slave corrected this error.

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