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Event ID: 9102 Source: MSExchangeSA

The MAD Monitoring thread was unable to read the state of cluster resources, error '<error code>'.
As per MSEX2K3DB , this event indicates that the monitoring thread of the System Attendant process (Mad.EXE) was unable to query WMI for the state of the Cluster Resources. Specifically, System Attendant could not query WMI for instances of the ExchangeClusterResource class (which is provided by the Exchange WMI Provider, EXWMI.DLL). If this event appears occasionally, it can be safely ignored. If it occurs every five minutes, then the causes need to be investigated. This error can occur because of corruption in the WMI infrastructure, other transient problems with the WMI infrastructure, or network connectivity issues.
MAD is the Exchange System Attendant monitoring thread.

- Error code: 0x80010108 = RPC_E_DISCONNECTED - See ME810861.
- Error code: 0x80041006 = WBEM_E_OUT_OF_MEMORY - There was not enough memory for the operation. Users reported the problem as being solved after increasing the Paging File 4 time the size of physical memory.
- Error code: 0x80041013 = wbemErrProviderLoadFailure - As per Microsoft: "COM cannot locate a provider referenced in the schema. This error may be caused by any of the following:
1. The provider is using a WMI DLL that does not match the .lib fileused when the provider was built.
2. The provider's DLL or any of the DLLs on which it depends is corrupt.
3. The provider failed to export DllRegisterServer.
4. An in-process provider was not registered using /regsvr32.
5. An out-of-process provider was not registered using /regserver". See WMI Errors List for more details.

Error code: 0x800706ba (Error code 0x800706BA) = RPC_S_SERVER_UNAVAILABLE - No additional information.

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