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Event ID: 9127 Source: MSExchangeSA

OALGen encountered error [0x8004010f] while calculating the OALs.
As per Microsoft: "This issue may occur if the OAL does not successfully locate a system folder to replicate its contents". See ME840011 and ME867506 to resolve this problem.

According to Microsoft, this issue can occur if the Offline Address Book (OAB) does not have a replica on any Public Folder Store. See MSEX2K3DB for more details on this issue.
All that I did to correct the problem was to delete the offline address list that was in question and then recreated it.
I had this error on a 2003 exchange server that was upgraded from exchange 2000. I tried everything that I could think of, including regenerating the system folders. Finally, I ended up backing up the public folders that I needed, dismounting the public store, deleting the “pub.edb” and “pub.stm” files. Remounted the database and then rebuilt the offline address book. When I issued a send and receive again from the Outlook client I did receive a notice that the system administrator has made changes and I need to restart Outlook. After restarting the client, I no longer got the error message.
This event can also occur if the "msExchUseOABBL" property is not set correctly on the new offline address book (OAB).  The distinguished name of an "addressBookContainer" source address book must be supplied during the creation of the OAB.  The "addressBoodContainer" must be replicated through the network directory prior to inserting it into the "msExchUseOABBL" property of the OAB in order for the Recipient Update Service (RUS) to incorporate the new address book.  Going back to the new OAB to update the "msExchUseOABBL" field does not seem to work, giving a "This field is owned by the system and cannot be updated" response.  To work around this error in this case, be sure that a valid "addressBookContainer" exists and that you supply the correct distinguished name prior to creating the OAB.
As per Microsoft: "This issue can occur if you did not enter a public folder store for the offline Address Book that it can replicate its contents to". See ME286328 for more details.

The problem is that the offline address list generator cannot generate offline address books if an entry in the global address list is hidden by Access Control Lists such that the global address list appears as a blank line. The offline address list generator creates corrupted Rdndex.oab files for visible mail-enabled public folder objects. See ME278641.

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