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Event ID: 9234 Source: MSExchangeMTA

A sockets error <error code> on a select() call was detected. The MTA will attempt to recover the sockets connection. Control block index: <value>. [<value> <value> <value> <value>] (12).
As per Microsoft: "This problem can occur when there is insufficient bandwidth or there are many network errors. It could be due to heap corruption when two or more threads in the message transfer agent (MTA) try to access the same data structures without proper synchronization. This problem has been particularly noted in networks in which many associations are being opened and closed between MTAs. Frequently, these MTA failures are associated with slow and unreliable connections". See MSEX2K3DB for additional information about this event.
- Index: 10038 - As per Microsoft: "This is a non-critical error that most often shows up when the MTA is processing a high number of messages and/or on multi-processor servers. The sockets error, 10038, indicates that the MTA has attempted to open an invalid socket. As soon as another MTA thread releases a socket, the MTA thread in error will claim and use it". See ME170006 for more details.

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