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Event ID: 929 Source: MSExchangeTransport

Failed in reading Connector's DS Info Process Id: <id> Process location: <location> ConnectorDN: ConnectorDN
I encountered this issue after installing a new Exchange 2003 server and migrating everything from the old Exchange 2003 server. The problem showed up as soon as I uninstalled Exchange from the old server. It turned out that the new server's SMTP connector had no bridgehead server. I added the new server to the list (which was empty) and the errors disappeared.
This problem can occur because of incorrect access permissions on the Exchange Server objects in the Active Directory directory service. See ME907969 to find out more about this issue.

See ME251746 for additional information about this event.
This problem is also seen when a server does not have permission to read information about the remote server in Active Directory. This is usually because the "Inherit permissions from parent" has been turned off somewhere in the hierarchy, either at the Administrative Group or the server level. Examine the permissions on the target AG/RG (not the source) where the error is generated.
According to Microsoft this problem may occur in situations where the hotfix that is described in ME328905 is installed on the server, and where a NULL value is incorrectly dereferenced in Phatq.dll. See ME811302 for more information.

Also from Microsoft: "This problem occurs if you do not remove the Exchange 5.5 Connectors before you remove the last Exchange 5.5 server". See ME322123 to fix this problem.

See MSEX2K3DB for additional information on this issue.
I started seeing these errors after I installed Faxmaker on my new Exchange server and then uninstalled it from my old Exchange server. The old server is still on the wire, but Exchange has been uninstalled.

If you have an SMTP Connector in your first routing group without a default bridgehead server this can happen if you install a second server and remove the first. The fix is to add the second server back as the default server.
I had this problem too but it was something far simpler. My problem was linked to an Exchange server being removed from the organization but its properties retained with the ''local bridgehead servers'' within the smtp connectors properties. All I had to do was to correct this so that only valid servers were used.
As per Microsoft: "This problem can occur if the Exchange 2000 routing engine encounters an error when communicating with Active Directory. Because of this error, the routing engine does not update the routing table". See ME282506 for more details.

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