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Event ID: 9335 Source: MSExchangeSA

OALGen encountered error 80040107 while cleaning the offline address list public folders under /o=SIGTUNATURISM/cn=addrlists/cn=oabs/cn=Test. Please make sure the public folder store is mounted and replicas exist of the offline address list folders. No offline address lists have been generated. Please check the event log for more information.
On Exchange 2007 SP1, this event came together with Event ID 9331 after we have done a migration from Exchange 2000. We found out that some OABs did not have the replica defined correctly. Our solution is below (using PowerShell):

| Set-PublicFolder -Replicas "NEWSERVER\Public Folder Database".
This issue was resolved recently on a site where a new exchange server was added to the network. It appears that the System folders in the public folder store had not been set to replicate.
Simply browse through your Public system folders and ensure that the server is listed in the replication tab.
This issue occurs if the OAB system folders are not replicating to any Exchange server. The OAB system folders must replicate to at least one Exchange server. See ME922251 to solve this problem.
I too had suffered 9335 and 9331 problems. I did all the rebuilding of the offline address books, and the problem persisted. The problem was ultimately caused by the Offline address list not being specified, or having been lost from the mailbox store.
Open Exchange System Manager -> Administrative Groups -> First Administrative Group -> Servers -> <your server> -> First Storage Group -> Mailbox Store (<your server>) -> Mailboxes, and right click to bring up the properties. There is the default Offline address list that is used for the mailbox stores. Browse and wire it up to the Offline Address List that you want.
The chances are I buggered my system up by deleting the Offline Address List and then tried to re-create it, but off course, until it is wired to the Mailboxes then it is not going to work in the Outlook client.
See the link to "Configuring Offline Address Books" for information on how Exchange generates offline address books and how to configure servers to provide support for them.

I resolved this problem when I changed the GUID on attribute SiteFolderGuid. See ME822444 for details on this issue.

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