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Event ID: 9406 Source: MSExchangeMTA

There is not enough Performance Monitor memory to display the MTA Connections information. Stop attached Performance Monitors and re-start the MTA. [BASE TIMER 3] (14)
The MTADATA folder is located on a disk that has little remaining free space, and the free disk space is less than 10 MB. On Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 and Microsoft Exchange 2000 server, this issue will occur if the paging file for virtual memory is located on a disk that has little remaining free space. See ME263835 to solve this problem.

As per Microsoft: "The message transfer agent (MTA) has failed to allocate and reserve memory from the operating system". See MSEX2K3DB for additional information about this event.
According to ME279415 to resolve this issue, make sure that the internal network adaptor is the first item that is displayed in the binding order.
This problem occurs because the System Account or Local System Account is specified as the service account in Control Panel Startup for the Message Transfer Agent service. See ME185154 to fix this problem.

This problem may occur because the SMTP Protocol is corrupted or is missing. See ME840469 for more details.
According to Microsoft: "To resolve this behavior, verify that the service account role is set to service account administrator on the site object". See ME268227.
As per Microsoft, This can occur when the server is running low on disk space and/or Virtual memory.

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