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Event ID: 9536 Source: MSExchangeIS

An ambiguous Mailbox Guid <id> was found on <number> mailboxes in the DS. The store cannot map this Mailbox Guid to a unique user.
- User is not allowed to send any email (NDR: This message could not be sent. Please try later or inform you network administrator. Error: [0x8004010f-00000000-00000000]).
- Mailbox Rights dialog box does not show any details.
- This event is logged in the application log.

In my case, the error message pointed to two users with the same mailbox GUID. When searching the GUID using advanced search (see ME291542), the result showed only the one user who definitely owned the mailbox. Using guidfind, a tool from MS, the query displayed another user object. Inspecting the user object via ADSIEdit the msExchMailboxGUID attribute was empty though the legacyExchangeDN was set to "ADCDisabledMail". After clearing this attribute, the mailbox rights showed up again and e-mails were being relayed again.

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