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Event ID: 9552 Source: MSExchangeISPublicStore

While processing public folder replication, moving user, or copying folders on database "<name>", DL <distinguished name> could not be converted to a security group.Please grant or deny permissions to this DL on Folder <folder name> again. This most likely is because your system is in a mixed domain.
The most likely cause for this error is that the Exchange Server 5.5 distribution list to which the users belong was replicated into an Active Directory mixed-mode domain rather than into an Active Directory native-mode domain. See the link to "Troubleshooting and Repairing Exchange Server 2003 Store Problems" to fix this.

As per Microsoft: "This event is typically seen in Mixed Environments (that is, environments that still contain Exchange 5.5 servers). This event indicates that Exchange attempted to set permissions on a Distribution List and, in doing so, attempted to convert it to a Universal Security Group (USG), which failed". See MSEX2K3DB for additional information about this event.
ME328880 explains that this event may occur if the Exchange 5.5 Server-based computer that hosts your distribution lists and associated ACLs resides in an Active Directory domain that is running in Mixed mode.

Also, as per ME274046, you can only use Microsoft Windows 2000 Universal Security Groups (USGs) for client permissions. If you attempt to add a Universal Distribution Group (UDGs) to a client permission, the Exchange information store converts the UDG to a USG. Only a Native-mode Windows 2000 domain can make this conversion, because USGs are only available in Native mode. If a Mixed mode domain attempts the conversion, you receive the error messages that appear in the "Symptoms" section of this article. Also, a domain RUS (Recipient Update Service) must exist for the native-mode domain that contains the UDGs. If there is no domain RUS these errors will be seen. See the Q article for details.
As per ME328801, in Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5, distribution lists are a convenient way to group users and assign public folder permissions. To retain these permissions when you migrate to Exchange 2000, make sure that your distribution lists convert properly. Otherwise, some public folders might become inaccessible. This article describes how to use Exchange Server distribution lists in Exchange 2000 public folder permissions.

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