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Event ID: 1003 Source: scesrv

Policy change from LSA/SAM can't be saved in the policy storage. Error <error number> to save policy change in the default GPOs. For more debugging information, please look security\logs\scepol.log under Windows root.
I used a utility from the web called SidToName to determine the Account Name with the problem. You can get the SID from the winlogon.log file. I found the account, I deleted it, recreated it, and the problem was solved.
Error: 12 - The access code is invalid.
Error: 4312 = The object identifier does not represent a valid object.
For error 2 and 5, as per Microsoft ME272560, this is a known problem and they recommend applying the latest service pack for Windows 2000.

Error 2 can also be caused by a virus that uses the FireDaemon program to run as a Windows service. Check ME830064 for information on how to fix this problem.
According to Microsoft: "To work around this problem, use a group to grant the privilege, and make the user member of this group, instead of using many individual user accounts with a certain privilege. This is a good way to recover after this problem occurs, especially if it might take more time to find the user accounts that are missing from the list than it would to set up the group. Also, a short list of accounts in the policy helps the policy process faster."

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